Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Me-Me For-For You-You

This is my first me-me- an early holiday gift from the talented Mrs. Chicken (Go introduce yourself, I promise you will love her. She also writes as Amy at GNMParents!).

5 things you don't know about me:

1. This very morning I washed a pull-up in the washing machine. You see, I love laundry passionately, and the 5 loads in addition to the baby's crib sheets (yes, almost every morning she wakes up wet) that were waiting for me were not enough. I really wanted to rewash that load. Twice. On my short list of things I wish I was better at, house-keeping is in the top 5. On that list you'll also find mothering, writing, technical "stuff" (including but not limited to: web design, audio and video how to, and auto-repair), and the ability to fully embrace poverty.

2. Of my 3 children, only one was planned. The other 2 have been "glorious surprises." Let no measly little patch limit my fertility! Since we are on this topic, I know precisely the "event" in which each of them was conceived. Yeah, that's all I'll say about that.

3. If I allow the thought or image of flan, oatmeal, custard (or anything with an icky texture), linger in my mind for more than a moment I throw up a little. How do you people eat that crap? On the topic of food? I (heart) brownies. Alone, hot under ice cream, filled with fudge. frosted, with or without nuts, homemade, store bought... get the picture?

4. At times the loss of my own father still brings me to my knees. I miss him madly and my heart hurts to think that my children do not know him.

5. I love The Carpenters. There. I said it.

Bonus: I spent over 7 years of my life pregnant and/or nursing.

5 things you don't know about my kids:

1. Aidan was due on Christmas Eve and joined us reluctantly on January 4th. Clay was a week early and Lucy was 2 days early. Combined their labors total around 77 hours.

2. At various times my children have wanted to be the following when they grew up: firefighter, police officer, wrestler, warrior, chef, dancer, Santa's helper, and a hippo.

3. Aidan spent the 1st 24 hours of his life in the NICU. It was a long journey for him and he was a little shaken up by it. He recovered quickly and we went home when we were scheduled to.

4. My children are my mother's 19th, 22nd, and 24th grandchildren.

5. Our very favorite family activity is to spend long days together relaxing and playing together at the beach.

That's it! Now what? I tag someone else? Mia, my friend, you've been too quiet lately!


Anonymous said...

No. 4 about you. Yes. Me, too. Sorry to hear you are part of that terrible sorority, also.

And a hippo - I think I became one when I grew up. Be careful what you wish for!

Thanks for playing. :)

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Very cool survey:-)

I think my son just told us he wants to be Daddy when he grow up:-)

Mia Goddess said...

That was fun ~ but not easy! I wish I could have copied yours onto my blog. All except for the monster fertility that resists all contraceptive and the scary welcome for little Aidan, it sounds like a wonderful, wonderful life.

Occidental Girl said...

How do you like Maine? I've always imagined it to be fantastic.

You are tagged for the Chicken and Cheese storyathon! Or whatever she is calling it. I just finished my paragraphs.

Erica Douglas said...

wow, that's a lot of grandchildren and a lot of labour...ouch

scribbit said...

The Carpenters? And 7 years pregnant/nursing. No, I didn't know nor would I have guessed. Thanks for your comment and visit.