Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kid Blogging

My son, Aidan (7), has been researching dragons. He has a new post on his neglected blog, Information about Stuff. Leave him a comment, he goes nutty for them.

Kid blogging is fun. Aidan struggled with some of his spelling, but whenever he saw an underlined word, he knew to try again. He needed some help, but he figured out a lot of it himself.

Researching "stuff" is fun. It must be done together, to be sure he's finding appropriate sites. He's learning about not only the "stuff" he decides upon, but also about spelling, and creative commons licenses, and punctuation, and navigating the web, and using the computer. It inspires him to ask questions and to find answers. I love the deductive reasoning he closed this post with... if King Arthur battled Dragamont, and Dragamont was real, than dragons are real.

Does your kid blog? Do you know any kids that blog?


Wes said...

I haven't introduced my kids to blogging yet, other than they know I have one. It's a great way to teach the kids useful computer skills.

Stephanie said...

My son blogs too. He is 8. I have him do it as a writing tool for school. (We homesechool)

Lula Belly said...

Wonderful! I am getting ready to start my 10 year old blogging. I think it's great!!