Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am looking at efficiencies still. Yesterday I reduced my blogroll from 100 to 62. My goal is to have it below 50 by day's end. It's not easy and it doesn't really make me feel good. Except that it does a little. Because regularly I have 683 gazillion unread posts glaring at me. And so while I enjoy stopping in from time to time to see what's new, I can not maintain connections with so many people.

So, last night I read a lot. I caught up and I made choices about who was adding what to my online time. It was a good process and I remembered why I blog-rolled a lot of people to begin with. And I remembered why I started this blog and how uplifting and inspiring the running and tri connections that I made were. And then I was overcome with a sense of failure because I stopped. And they didn't. And when I "knew" them they were learning to run 5ks, like me, but now they are running half marathons, marathons, and Olympic distance triathlons. And they ROCK. And I can say I knew them when. But my goals have changed and while I am again working on becoming fit, I do not feel compelled to compete or write about it.

While I kept some of those feeds, I got rid of some, too. And that feels right.

And speaking of write. I know some talented folks who offer inspiration and example and I want to know them better.

While there are many, I'll offer just one example: Kate knocked me over with her love letter to her niece. And I completely relate to her less than appropriate sense of humor. I love the way she recounts conversations and I appreciate her writing skills and style. A lot. And so she stays and I look forward to spending time with her. Because if I reduce and tighten my blog-roll I can actually participate in the community.



Mrs. Chicken said...

I get this. I'm reading a ton and commenting rarely; it is just too much work with the whole "making a person" thing I've got going on.

Rob said...

Nice out at the end. "Theoretically" Keeps your options open. 'I want to be your friend...just as long as it is REALLY convenient for me'.

I do love you honey.

PS I'll bet you wish you could unsubscribe to me sometimes...er, lots of times...

katydidnot said...

omg. that's so nice of you. the blogroll thing completely overwhelms me as well, i've not found a way to manage it yet, but i'll keep trying. did i just really type omg? how old am i, 13? egad.