Saturday, June 21, 2008


We sang the Violent Femmes so loudly- and The Police. Odd pairing. We didn't fit in our skins so we were mean. Not usually to each other. We were close but now are not. It's okay.


The Pez Man said... were violent Femmes, who yelled at the Police. And since neither of you were comfortable with who you were, you were mean to other people, but not each other. This brought you close, but over time, you are not close. Odd pairing, I should say so! And it is more than okay that you no longer see each other for the safety of the world. This sounds like the idea for the movie "MEAN GIRLS."

Meg said...

spot on.

The Pez Man said...

You have 2 entries listed as 33!

Can I tell you how to to get to Sesame Street?

Meg said...

maybe they were the same person.
they aren't, and I fixed it... but what if??? that would be rather clever.

The Pez Man said...

It would not surprise me; you are extremely clever and have a gift for writing.

Meg said...

You are kind.

For the record- the subject here... we aren't close now- rare conversations much rarer visits, but in the memories we're close and when we see each other its always nice...

just different 20 something years later.