Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Your daughter tricked you, pretending the working Christmas lights were broken so you patiently puttered with each bulb.

We worked together transcribing your patient notes from braille. I learned about broken children. And about sustainable strength.


Joop. I am on day 73 and post 60. Oops. Life.

Summer speeds up each year. When I was eleven the days and weeks were longer.

My favorite summer days are long ones on the beach. In the water and on the shore. Playing and watching. I'm craving more of these days.

What are you going to do before September speeds in?


katydidnot said...

someone once explained the time speeding up thing to me once. when you're 10, 120 months old, then the summer 3 months is 2.5% of your whole life. when you're 30, 360 months, then summer, 3 months is .83% of your life.

Nancy said...

we're taking a day at the beach--Lake Michigan. we'll pretend it's the ocean. 19 days until school starts. it feels like it just ended.

Meg said...

katydidnot- very interesting- not very reassuring, but interesting :)

Nance- I have to remember to upload some pictures from a recent visit to Sebago lake. We were riding the waves! It was crazy! Enjoy the beach!