Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One- actually two of my x365s have hurt someone's feelings.

I feel sorry about that.

36 words are so few to adequately encapsulate a memory or a relationship. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the words string together nicely and with ease, sometimes it's a struggle and I feel limited by the snapshot I'm challenged to provide, and sometimes it's boring or severely lacking.

This x365 is equal parts pulling pieces out of the trap of my memory and trying to craft them in an interesting way from a writer's perspective. What I write is true- but only true to me and only in relationship to the snippet that I've pulled out.

I only ever expect the people who are reading these to identify a few of the "subjects," and only a few have I written expecting the person to read it. I don't use names intentionally (though if you think you know or want to know I'm happy to discuss).

Pssht. Anyway:


Before you died you took a comprehensive inventory and gifted treasures to us. Mine you gave to me while you were still able.

I'd like to think we would have talked and listened and known.

p.s. tell me: what's the last song you listened to? Friend of the Devil is playing on iTunes right now, and before that it was The Cookie Bakers of the Night by Laurie Berkner. You have to love the party shuffle...

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Anonymous said...

this is the last song i sat down to listen to
and it's been so stuck in my head
i just listen to it
and sing it
over and over