Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I don't know anything about this blogging thing. When Rob first introduced me to it all I would drive him to the brink of insanity by repeating the word... "Bllloooogg." He really liked that. Some things just never get old.

I have been reading several blogs for the past few months. I look to them to keep me focused. I have been thinking for awhile about gettin' me one. Since I just got my hands on a more reliable computer I decided that today is the day.

It's a little hard to find a logical place to start... but Grace seems like as good a place as any other.

My family says grace together before most evening meals. It is short and sweet and the kids look forward to it. It starts off so similarly to the grace that I grew up with. We all hold hands and it goes a little something like this:

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this food we are about to eat.
Thank you for the happy smiling faces around the table.
Please watch over everyone that we know and love.
And help us to be better people every day.

Then one of the kids blesses the person sitting next to them and that person blesses the person next to them until we have completed the circle. Then we all bless the damn dog.

I like it. It changes a little bit based on what challenges or successes we may be having on a given day, but these are the bones. I especially like the part about being better everyday. Right now I am working primarily on being a better Mom. Then the list goes on: a better wife (is this possible? I am pretty damn good as it is), a better homemaker (little wiggle room for improvement here *sarcasm*), a better daughter, a better daughter-in-law, a better sister, a better sister-in-law, a better aunt, a better friend, a better church-goer, a better eater, a better exerciser, a better tri-athlete, a better gardener, a better cook...

That is my quest. It is Rob's quest, too. Frankly, I am not sure he'll EVER be a better Mom. Poor guy. Anyway, I'll use this blog to check in with myself about how I'm doing. Initially, there will be a lot of fitness and diet stuff as I have some pretty tangible goals. There will likely be a lot of kid stuff, too. What can I say? My family is the center of my world.



Rob said...

I am inspired already and I can't wait to read more on your BLOOGGG!

Chris said...

It's really cool that you've jumped into this crazy world. Good luck with trying it out, finding your comfort with it, and deciding how best to use your voice. I'm excited you're out here.

AmyEllen16 said...

I think that this is amazing. I don't know if I would ever have the guts to do this blogging stuf, I had to register to comment. I am impressed with who you are as a mom, sister-in-law and friend. I don't know as if you need to become better in my eye's but I know that we all would love to better ourselves. I am excited for you to achieve your goals and become the complete person. I thank you for sharing this link with me. Congratulations on your first blog and good luck with on this journey.