Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sugar Honey Iced Tea

I totally screwed up and missed the registration deadline for the Danskin triathlon. Nice. I have been beating myself up since I discovered this yesterday. I really wanted to kick off this new tri-adventure with that race. It is totally girl power. The motto is "the woman that starts the race is not the same woman that finishes the race." My friend Dawn was going to do it with me- her 1st. It was such a powerful experience for me in 2003. I did it with my sister. I was not prepared for it. I kicked butt in the swim. I threw up during the bike ride. I walked most of the run. It sucked. I still loved it. It was such a beginner friendly- most of us are just doing our own thing- only a few people actually want to win- a lot of us just proud to finish- type of event. I am seriously bummed.

Time to move on. I am going to sign up for the Wildbear in the next week: Really. It is in August. Then I am going to either do another in central ME in Sept, or maybe, if Dawn wants to, do the Danskin in NJ in Sept. Maybe I will see what's happening in CT, too. Save some money on lodging and stay with my family.

Gotta move on. While I am wallowing can I just say: it's raining AGAIN.


Chris said...

I'm really sorry you missed your event. What I often tell my running friends, however, is that there's a weird built-in "this will NEVER be here AGAIN" feeling when we sign up for, or miss, or don't complete races. You did the right thing. You felt the appropriate ucky feeling, thought about it, and signed on for the next challenge. I love the idea that maybe THAT race will be your best one ever.

Sherri said...

hi meg! congratulations on starting a blog! it's so fun and so addicting! i'm doing my first tri in a couple of very first tri....and thought i should make it a danskin, largely because i'd heard, like you stated, that it's soooo beginner friendly. again, welcome to the blogosphere...looking forward to following your postings!