Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Being God...

Clay (5): Mama, do people get married at a wedding?
Me: Yes, Clay.
Clay: Mama, how do people get married?
Me: Remember how Ian and Nel stood in front of the church and talked to each other? And to Uncle Scooter (Uncle conducted the ceremony)? They were getting married.
Clay: Yes, but HOW?
Me: Well, they stand up before God and each other and they promise to love each other forever and ever.
Clay: Oh, so Uncle Scooter was being God?

All 3 Punks were in the wedding. They did so great. A, who's 6, refused to even loosen his tie or remove his jacket for hours and hours. The groom, all of the wedding party had long disrobed. Not A. He was all about posing for the camera and cuttin' a rug. Clay was a little more reserved. The music was a little loud for him and he only danced once. Lucy walked down the aisle throwing rose petals like a champ. She wanted her dress off pretty early, but wanted to dance with us all night long.


Wes said...

What a great time to be "God" and reflect on the innocence of a child. What beautiful children. You must be very proud :-)

The Lazy Organizer said...

Beautiful children and such a cute story!

LBTEPA said...

awwww your kids are gorgeous :) thanks for sharing such a lovley story

Stu said...

Fantastic! Wonderful post. Beautiful spirit in those kids!!

glennia said...

That's adorable! Your kids are really cute. Thanks for sharing that.