Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For You

A Wish List For You:

That you never ruin a batch of brownies by greasing the pan with rancid Crisco.

That you never stumble to answer the question "What is a booby?"

That an (all but) virtual stranger a friend will send you beautiful baubles.

That you never realize at 11:15 pm that you forgot to shower (again).

That your choice to walk to the bus stop when it's -7 (with the wind chill) instead of taking the car doesn't backfire and you don't end up with 3 wicked sad kids before 8 am.

That when you go to bed dreaming of a snow day, you'll awaken to a day of blankets, snow forts, and hot cocoa.

How ARE you?


WannaBe5Ker said...

Beautiful wishes:-) We HAVE a snow day (freezing rain, really) but I suspect it will be laundry and food, lots of food.

Sounds like the voice of experience here:-) Happy Valentine's Day.

Wes said...

Hmmmm. Maybe that's why my cornbread tasted bitter in some places. Rancid eh? I saw day of blankets and snow forts, and I for some reason, my mind said "snow farts". LOL. That's whay my kids tend to do when they crawl under the blanket with us.

Stu said...

I saw "snow farts" as well!!

Also, it's very cool that the artist who designed said baubles is located in "Uh Oh, Sacramento"

And the rancid Crisco reminds me of Hawkeye Pierce, who always smelled his food before he ate it.