Monday, May 19, 2008

Focus: x365

A comment link at GNMParents led me to a new blog, Carolyn is doing a project whereby for a full year she writes a short vignette about a person each day. Her project led me to x 365 and I began my list.

So, here begins my own 36 x 365 whereby I will attempt to write 36 words about 365 people over the course of the year. I am doing this because reflecting is good. Because focus is good. Because daily writing is good.


Before you died your breath was heavy. In a half embrace, I needed you to feel me. My mother held your other half, and guided my good-bye. Her mother, her daughter, herself. Her last great loss.


Indigo Bunting said...

Gorgeous. Best of luck with the project!

IraFromSyosset said...

Very poetic.

cbahm said...

That was lovely. I've found it very moving to remember people in my life with these little vignettes, and I've been equally moved to read these on other blogs. I hope you have a great year with this project!