Sunday, October 05, 2008


Your utility trailer's ramp crashed down on Aidan's head. He lies on a bag of peas to calm the enormous swell, his face cut and burned by pavement.

You're more like a dad to your grandson.


Aidan looks like he got run over by a truck. He and his younger friend next door thought it would be a cool idea to bring the ramp down on their utility trailer so they could ride their bikes up and down the ramp. It's a heavy duty trailer used for hauling heavy equipment.

Cool idea.

Unfortunately, it was so very heavy it hit Aidan in the back of the head throwing him face first into the pavement. Enormous swelling in the back of his head, road rash on his forehead and temples... it was a long day snuggling on the couch with bags of frozen peas and broccoli and washcloths and lots of being hurt and afraid.

We're pretty sure he's fine. We'll wake him up a couple times during the night as recommended by his doc, and keep him home tomorrow because it hurts so much to touch. Then he'll be fine.


Mia Goddess said...

Oh my. I just hate those days. I guess if you have a kid, you've had them. Hope this one is the last one for a long while!

Nancy said...

cool idea, yes. but ouch! thankful it wasn't more serious.

Anonymous said...

make sure he gets a pic
he'll want to show it off after it's all better
"Look what happened to me!!"

poor guy :(
ouch ouch ouch!