Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You opened the door to a community within the magic box that I didn't know could exist. You encouraged and explained and engaged- because that's what you do and who you are. It's really helped.


Have you noticed that the gaps in my posts are expanding? This is the 1st stretch that I've had trouble deciding what to say about whom. So I stare emptily. I just finished reading a GNMParents contribution written by Double Agent Girl. (DAG has a swanky new look at her place. I had a drink or 2 with this lovely lady at Blogher Boston. She's energetic and fun-ny. And she's got talent- the photos I've seen are so pretty and the words flow like smooth melty chocolate. Mmmmm...)

Why mention DAG? Today she wrote about someone who saved her. And I got to thinking about saving and what that's looked like at different stages in my life. So I wrote this one. I don't pretend it's the same level of rescue- but this is where my brain went.

Winter is long and can be so isolating as my real life community goes into hybernation for months and months. The discovery of this active and supportive, interested and interesting community in the blogosphere has impacted my reality is a largly positive manner.

Saving? It might seem like a stretch (and again I say I am not pretending to be recued in the rawly real way that DAG was), but it's real in a different way. To those of you who doubt, I'll ask you to spend a winter in my shoes, er, boots.


catnip said...

I've spent many a winter in those darn boots, even further into the frozen tundra. You may not be posting here as often, but I see you putting yourself out there elsewhere, and I love it.

ps. DAG's post got to me too.

doubleagentgirl said...

Thank you SO much for those kind, kind words. Even as an adult, the smallest compliment washes over me like the warm summer breeze.
Walking a mile in anyone's shoes is a lovely act of empathy; however, walking a mile in your own is often the hardest. Even if they ARE boots.

Karen Sugarpants said...

How sweet! DAG is a good friend of mine and she definitely is all the amazing things you speak of.