Sunday, November 05, 2006

Great Source for Holiday Gifts

I never really push products or companies, BUT... I do love to share really great experiences.

I ordered a travel coffee mug for my mother-in-law for her birthday. Here's my deal- I love giving photo gifts of the kids to people who I think would like them, but I am really very bad at getting an acceptable photo in the appropriate time frame so that I can order without paying an arm and a leg to ship it today and receive it a week ago.

I ordered the mug on Tuesday, it shipped on Wedneday, and I had it in my hot little hands on Friday without paying any extra shipping charges.

The mug itself was about $20. I was very pleased with the quality of the mug AND with the quality of the photo. I had to email my pictures to the company and there was a bit of a delay due to my email. They tracked me down to make sure I re-sent them. Then they let me know thru personal email that they had gotten the images and that the mug had shipped out. My interactions with the folks at the company were just fantastic and that is what it's all about. The company seems pretty small, and in my experience they are doing it all right.

Need a photo gift? Check out They are currently offering a pre-holiday special (10%) as well as discounts on duplicate orders. (Coupon code: Holiday06).

If you place an order, share your experience with me! I think these folks rock!

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LBTEPA said...

HI Megin
oops I've been a bit flat out with the end of uni and haven't been keeping up with my blog reading. It sounds as though you're going ok - that's great! I've printed out the chicken recipe & will have a go at it soon, it sounds lovley :)