Monday, August 18, 2008


On the narrow roads winding around Depot pond (near the Lapidary), you let me drive your old Mercedes. You said if I looked at the side of the road I would steer there. You were right.

I saw Mamma Mia tonight. It was the hokiest of hokey and Pierce Brosnan... eschh. The pain.

In the hours leading up to the movie I was on the beach in Scarborough. I swam, walked and read a book that was mostly about girlfriends. I was alone. The sun was warm, the water cool and the people fun to watch. Did I mention that I was alone?

So, I think about friendships. About building and maintaining them. About bridging distance and time and connecting in an honest manner.

And I think about mothering. About building bases and maintaining them. About allowing distance and taking time and connecting in an honest manner.

And I think about spousing. About giving and taking time. About giving and taking and connecting.

What's the last movie you saw in a theater?


catnip said...

I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth with my sister and our little boys. It was fun but I would love to the movies with my husband. Even more, I'd pretty much do anything to go to the beach alone.

The Pez Man said...

I am glad you got away! I think alone time allows you to realize all the great things you have in life. We all need alone time to review the goodness in our that when we go home, we really embrace it with the same effort in which we ran from it in the morning! :)

The Pez Man said...
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The Pez Man said...

Oh...and I do not go to the movies much...let alone watch a DVD of Fiddler on the Roof.

Last movie i saw was with my daughter because she wanted to see the movie so badly! "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (The first one, not the one out now).

We had a good time, but this was a classic "chick flick." and I was the only male in the theatre, but I was proud to be there with my daughter and sharing in her emotion of the movie.

I felt like a good Dad.

So when the newest version was being marketed, I asked her if we were going to go see it together. She said, "Oh, yeah, about that...umm, I am going with my girlfriends if that is ok." I said, "Well, of course, that is fine, hunnie."

I am still a good Dad, right? I am just learning to let go...right? (uggh!).

Nancy said...

a day alone is what i'm getting today. first time in months, and it feels so good. not on the beach but that's ok. it's alone time.

last movie i saw was WALL-E with my family. we've seen more movies in the last year than in 25 years of marriage!

Anonymous said...

Get Smart
it was Fab!!!
i laughed the entire movie
i go solo weekly to a film

Meg said...

I'm almost as passionate about carving alone time as I am about my family. Alone and with my mom-friends. We go away together pretty often- but sometimes being alone all day 9-9 like on Monday- is simply lovely.

Pez-Man: Thanks for letting my man out of your meeting so I could do it. It was... sigh.
And I only hope that my own kids will still want to go places with me in the years to come. Good dad? I'll say.

Nance- Wall-e was pretty good. Not my favorite Pixar- but endearing none the less. I love the fat people on their chair-cars.
Ditto what I said to Catnip- alone time is essential. I believe. Though I would have traded it for a day with distant friends :)

Kat- I *love* going to the movies alone. I'll add get smart to my list. Still have to get to the post office. Sorry.

Ciankelley said...

Am I too late? The last movie I saw in the theater was Atonement which was very good. But of course the movie is never as good as the book. Before that it was probably one of the Boston movies like The Departed or Gone Baby Gone. I don't get to the movies as often as I would like (and I don't even have a good excuse like kids or yard work).

Meg said...

Of course you aren't too late! Course I can't comment on any of those movies- but I did just tell someone about the "BIG FAT DEAD GUY" exchange.

I'll never forget Chris Farley's name again.

(it was chris farley, right?)

(thanks for saying hi.)

Ciankelley said...

BIG! FAT! DEAD! GUY! (Yes, its Chris Farley.) And I'm not making fun of him dying but I think at the time it was current news and how could you not know!??! Geesh.

Meg said...

I KNOW, I know- and I knew- I totally knew but I could not find his name no matter how hard I tried.

fun/funny to remember-

Anonymous said...

i have boxes for my friend judy sitting my my door

i was supposed to send them in june

she's going to kick my butt when she sees me