Friday, August 22, 2008

36x365x77: the cheating verse

You. Driving to the Burning Man as I write.
You. Thought you'd be dead by now.
You. Full of passion even when it's disguised by the weight that can't define you.
You. Always our best man.

Today is my good friend Matthew's birthday. He is an integral part of my life. I hold him dear. I hope for him, worry for him, pray for him, but mostly I am thankful for him.

You made Lucy a beautiful quilt. The kindest thing you could have done. Your warm embrace holds our family tight and neither time nor distance will ever diminish that. But we miss you just the same.


Happy birthday, Maffy. xoxo


unclemaffy said...

i'm 3800 miles away and still your words fill me with happy tears. i'm amazed the power your words hold over me. Thank you for being such a wonderful and unexpected friend. Does that make sense? i love you and i guess the rest of the family too. I can't wait to get back to tell you stories of my voyage and bring the kids some new dirt. keep up the great work and great words... love uncle maffy!!!

Meg said...

You are easy to write about-
I am so happy that you made this trip happen.
Be safe and most of all- enjoy.
ps- it makes perfect sense- I feel the same :)