Saturday, August 23, 2008


Dear young lifeguard,

Thank you for reaching Lucy a moment before I did.
She's a good little swimmer, but she strayed too far and panicked.
She clutched me and I her.
And then- we swam.




Mia Goddess said...

I'm really enjoying this little (big) project of yours. I like how some of the stories feel cryptic and foreboding, others are playful, and some are quite literal. This one made me wince (moms always know this feeling) and then smile. Yes, every near-drowning experience (real or imagined) needs to be followed by a swim. So perfect.

Meg said...

Thanks- I love reading that you've been here. I think sometimes it's such a personal project that it must be boring for others. So, thank you for popping up from time to time to let me know you've been here.

And it's interesting to write this way, reflectively, for me. And still it sometimes feels lonely and like the journal writing of "the olden days."

ASIDE: My son (8) asked his friend the other day if he wanted to use the "old fashioned" Wii remote, because we have 1 without a strap.

The stanzas (or whatever you want to call them) are all really different depending upon my mood and how I feel about whomever I am writing about. As well as what the likelihood is that they will someday read this.

And the almost drowning thing? Yeah. I wanted to whisk her away and instill in here a paralyzing fear of water. For .15 seconds. And when that passed I needed to remind her of what she could have done and boost up her shaken confidence.

My heart races just talking about it...