Friday, September 29, 2006

Help! This will be good for you!

I'm working on a little something for Career Mom Radio. Will you help me?

Tell me a funny kid story. It could be as simple as a mispronunciation or an epic tale.


Lucy's 2. Her language is absolutely exploding. Here are a few fun words:

Nipple= hippo
Cock= chalk

When Aidan was 2 he woke up one morning and stumbled into the family room all bleary eyed and sleepy. He looked up and saw the new curtains we had hung up after he went to bed the night before. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he exclaimed "Huuh! (Sharp intake of breath)! Mama! God popped right out of my heart and bought us some curtains." Wha?

So tell me a story- and let me know if I can link to your site to give you credit if I use your story. And let me know if I can use your name. And if you don't have kids tell me about your nephew. Or your sister. Or tell me that story your mom always tells about you.

Make me laugh.

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Wes said...

We used to live in a neighborhood, at the bottom of a hill, that our fellow citizens used to cut through from one major road to another. They would speed down the hill and really make my wife and I angry. We were sitting in our den watching TV, and my oldest son, who was 2.5 at the time was looking out the window, and we heard him say:

"Show down!.....A**HOLE!!"

We have NO idea where he got this from.

Wes said...

oh, and by all means link, use my name, whatever.

Michelle said...

Wow, I've been AWOL for about a eek so I'm just catching up on your blog. I CAN'T BELIEVE those teachers left a kid behind. Given how little they seem to give a rat's patoot I think I'd call the press and everyone else I could think of and tell them the story.

No human kids my house, but I could tell you the story of how my Great Pyrenees dog pooped in my shoe on accident. Just let me know if you want the details... I won't hold my breath waiting. ;)

soccer mom in denial said...

The first story that comes to mind is walking into City Hall during one of those near daily flag-waving events for an enthic or linguistic group. I was with my then three-year-old twin sons.

I've been an activist for nearly my entire career, first in health care and now around job training and economic opportunities for women. I have organized rallies involving dancing teeth (to protest cuts in state funded dental care), dragged incubators into the State House to demonstrate the cost for cutting prenatal care, and brought my little guys to events where they got to hold signs and chant slogans.

As we approached City Hall that day the language being spoken seemed to be Slavic in origin and the flag was unrecognizable to me. I planned to skirt along the edge of the event and get us into my office.

However, one of my sons tightened his grip on my hand and with a very serious look stated "Do NOT go on that stage Mama!"

Feel free to use this story.