Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's a Chili Day

So I looked out the window when I woke up this morning. It is a gloomy, cold, dreary day outside. It was 50 degrees, and very rainy. I smiled, I really smiled. I don't ordinarily love these days, but I was happy for a few reasons:
  1. I want to stay home and make chili.
  2. I want to read books to my kids in a cozy couch corner.
  3. I want to be lazy and snuggly.
  4. I wasn't preparing for the start of my second tri of the season.
  5. I wasn't shivering an the beach of the lake preparing to swim 1/2 mile.
  6. I wasn't regreting my decision one little bit.

I will soon post my chili recipe, because it is delicious and very healthy. I love soup, stew, and all sorts of chili. I love it more when it meshes well with my nutrition goals.

Here's what's weighing on my mind fitness-wise:

How will I get back on the running wagon? When? I tried the dreadmill and had a lousy experience. I can't run in the evening. It's gotta be early morning, doesn't it? Damn. I've been up a little late these days and I need my sleep. Ahh... commit, Megin, commit. Any motivation out there? Lets remember I am not in love with running...

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Mia Goddess said...

I'm making chili today! Small world. I don't love to run either, but I love the feeling when my run is done. And I love to eat chili. Both of those things have served me well in the motivation department, and I bequeath them to you.