Monday, September 11, 2006

PodCamp & Priorities

The virtual world is a-buzz with talk of PodCamp. It seems to me that there were about 250 folks in attendance. People from Massachusetts and people from far, far away.

Here's the thing: Within the communities of the RBF, and the tri-bloggers, and the sisterhood (siblinghood) of the couch to 5 kers or other beginner athletes, there is a sense that when you share an accomplishment people can't wait to hear more. That long before you cross the finish line (first or last) there are folks waiting anxiously for your race report. Friendly commenters who want you to share both where you've been and where you think you might someday go. That community is so nice to feel a part of. I like it.

PodCamp had a lot of similarities. Now, like in any community there were a few folks who left me feeling less than warm and fuzzy. That being said, an overwhelming number of people were so interesting and interested. These folks demonstrate commitment and dedication. By and large, they have day jobs that pay the bills. Many have happy families. They carve the time for what's important to them. I met folks who had big ideas, and little ideas. People who wanted to share what they know, and listen to what I know. People who wanted to pool their talents and ideas and create something new. It was another community that was really nice to feel a part of.

Podcasting is so very new to me. It is so cool to be contributing to Career Mom Radio. (I've a rather intersting contribution to this week's show. Tune in on Friday.) I love the idea of yet another (are you sensing a theme here?) community of people who are joining together to support one another. Again- people who are sharing what they know and interested in learning what others know. What did I leave PodCamp with? As Chris asks, what will the event change in my life? The enthusiam was delightful. People really wore their passion on their sleeves. The experience as a whole left me wanting to create more, more, more. I want to help make CMR grow and help to define it, to help it expand like a freakin' water balloon until it bursts and takes on a whole new existance- and leaves everyone all soakin' wet. I want to focus and craft that contribution. I want my kids to see me creating content, not just absorbing it. I want to continue to help them create their own content. I want to help them to find their own blogging community.

I want to go to Podcamp next year and have more to contribute, and a stronger base to build on.

Here's a challenge... I am adding to the list, not replacing a priority.

Speaking of priorities, I actually carved time to exercise tonight:
8 miles on the bike 14.something mph- lots of hills followed by 1/3 mile run followed by 45 minute brisk walk.

I'm pretending that training isn't really required for my tri in less than 2 weeks. I simply haven't been able to run at zero dark thirty. I've been riding about 1.5 times a week. WTF? I wish I could explain it. I really do.


Chris said...

I was so overwhelmed with good feelings every time I saw you and Rob there in the audience. I felt such joy. Thanks for being part of the biggest weekend of my life (not related to my family).

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

I hear you about this community. They have helped me on this new journey so very much!

GL in your new podcast endeavor, and in the tri!

StudentloanNetworker said...

Glad you had an awesome time at PodCamp - and definitely come back for #2. We will be watching CMR with great anticipation for your "How I did it" session next time!

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Dave LaMorte said...

Hey Megin,
I'm going to be putting up the audio from our lunch time chat. I'll send you a link to the show before I put it on my feed.

Great meeting you.