Saturday, January 10, 2009


It started when you started wearing so many swatches. Rubber bracelets and pretense were your things, swatches were mine.
Later, it was complicated by a boy.
Now it reminds me of Jerry and Newman.
I'm Jerry.

You should read this sad account of a 3 year old who was shoved towards the pack. Mocked for her creativity.

It's a shame that children take to heart behavior that grown-ups don't think twice about.

Course, I have a feeling that that little girl won't be following the pack, despite the great sock mismatch debacle of 2009.

Hey S: Being creative is a gift. Meet Lucy:

dressing herself


Marc A. Pitman, said...

What an awesome photo!! Thanks for sharing that!!

naswanson said...

Meg-is there a link to something missing? Creative and quirky is how we've always described Hope. Way beyond mismatched shoes. She was ahead of her time. Now it's the style!

Meg said...

Is it not working for you where it says "this sad account"?
Try this:

Thanks Marc, for sharing S's story.

Nance- quirky is good! did/do people give her a hard time for it?

naswanson said...

Yes, she was given a hard time, mostly by her peers (not her friends). I think some of her teachers thought she was odd and didn't give her the respect she deserved--or didn't make an attempt to understand her.