Monday, January 12, 2009


Tip-toe, hand wag, don't look me in the eye. Persist past the point of bother, into an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, unreal realm.

So sorry, they couldn't hear me. I hope that a teacher, leader, friend will help.


Do you have a written budget? Do you stick to it? Is it fluffy or trim? We're trim compared to many, but I'm embarking on an effort to reduce our food budget by 1/4. It's very ambitious, especially because good, creative, healthy food is a priority.

Today I looked at the flier before I made my list, and then came up with a menu plan for the next week and a half. Week and a half. Which I think is better than an hour and a half. I bought things that were needed for multiple recipes and tried to keep things interesting, delicious, and healthy. Of course I'll need to do mini trips for more bread and produce, but other than that I'm hoping to make it through with what I bought today. We'll see.

I'm also going to get in the habit of making more homemade snacks for the Punks. How domestic. Muffins and banana bread and stuff like that. High fructose corn syrup be damned. Gosh, maybe I need an apron.

So, here's the thing. I keep reading and hearing about job losses and company closings. And about people who are getting slammed by unexpected expenses. And the husband, daughter, son gets who gets sick. I know you have, too.

Building and maintaining an emergency fund becomes increasingly important now. Or perhaps I'm over-reacting. Or perhaps we're behind the ball.

According to Dave Ramsey (Total Money Makeover), 49% of Americans could cover less than one month's expenses if they lost their income. Does that surprise you?

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Erica Douglas said...

Interesting, I need to save more...