Sunday, February 24, 2008

Being better every day

It's easy to fall short of the person you're trying to be. Or it's impossible to become the person you're trying to be. Or wanting to be someone that you aren't yet is the impetus to get up and out. Without wanting to do better we are asleep. Aren't we? Reaching for Holden's brass ring is what we're here for. Be a better mother. Wife. Believer. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

Our goals shift so often that we forget the one we didn't quite finish before we've added 17 new ones. Play more. Clean more. Write more. Watch more. See more. Volunteer more. Wash more. Exercise more. Call more. Make more. Comment more. Compliment more. Buy more. Travel more. Cook more. Read more. Be more.

The perpetual efforts to be and do more and better mean that we can never succeed. We can never be the person we strive to be. There is always another thing. We can only ever fail. Is this why everyone is taking pills to relax and be happy?

We need quiet. We need to stop listing what we don't do, and start looking at what we do. What we are.

Great. I needed another goal.

Please go read Jon's Should post. It's really very connected to this and re-frames it beautifully.

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Shania said...

True that. I called my blog craving silence because there is a serious shortage of it around my way. Great post.