Monday, February 25, 2008

Vacation's Over (thank God)

Last week was February vacation. It was everything I dreamed it would be. And by dream, I mean the kind that wakes you mid scream. Dramatic? Yes. Kid #1 came down with a fever on Monday which progressed into a croupy cough with fever spikes reaching 104. Three days later Kid #2 joined in the fun, and then 1 day later Kid #3 got gooey.

Our days consisted of sleeping, bubble bathing, snuggling, and consuming copious amounts of media. Our nights consisted of sleeping on the couch with a fevered body cradled on my lap, holding a kid almost upright to reduce coughing. This was almost as good as the original plan for vacation, which involved some sledding, a fishing derby, some other local adventures, and an ultra rare visit from my brother's family. Yes, this was almost that good.

Mid-week I took Kid #1 to the doctor to rule out bronchitis. The good news was that his lungs were clear. The better news was that the ultra high fever should last another 2 days. The best news was that the cough would linger for another 2 weeks. By Friday the fever broke. By Monday the barking cough had mellowed a little. His energy and appetite were back and he no longer looked like he was asleep on his feet.

According to school rules a child has to be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. And he has to feel well enough to be there. So when the bus pulled up this morning he climbed aboard and waved as he pulled away.

I stood holding a crying snot nosed #3 and the hand of the feverish coughing #2. I felt a sweet warm wave of utter relief wash over me. I rode that wave. I sent the most well one away. And then, predictably, the wave dragged me over the rocky coast of guilt.

Should I have kept him home longer? Even though he was fever free for more than 2 days. Even though his cough had mellowed. Did I rush him out because it's easier to care for 2 sickies than 3? Would he have benefited from an extra day? Should I have kept him home for 2 weeks? Until his cough was gone?

Regardless of school rules, had I done right by my boy? I have no freaking idea. But when he got home he was none the worse for wear and was celebrating some of his successes from the day. So, I am reflecting on that and, in the spirit of yesterday's post, I'm letting those questions go. I took good care of him. That's what I did.

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Shania said...

It sounds like you did more than just take care of them. You carried them through the worst of it. That's what moms do. Thanks so much for my first (squeal!) comment on my blog. You made my day.