Monday, February 11, 2008

Late Nights

The thing about this daily writing, is that sometimes it's 9:15 pm and I am tired and full of crank, so writing is uh, crappy.

My boys wrestle. In a wrestling club. They started last summer and really seemed to enjoy it. As a sport. Not as late night entertainment or a way to dominate their brother. They wrestle on the mat, with a coach and very small wrestling shoes.

All summer they wrestled twice a week. Then school started and we laid off it because the timing wasn't great and they were adjusting to being a kindergartener and a second grader. We started up again the 1st of the year.

I just got back from my 1st ever practice. It's been Rob's job. Tonight I went. It wasn't the best experience. There were a lot of new kids there, and at 6 and 8 my boys are two of the younger wrestlers. Rob is usually out on the mat with the kids helping them to stay focused and implement the moves. Not I. Oh no, not I.

Participating in this sport is a lifestyle change for us. It's from 7-8.30 at night twice a week. My kids are always in bed and usually snoring by 8:30. I worry for their teachers tomorrow. I wonder if this is the best thing for them. I wonder if the benefits of learning and participating in this sport will outweigh the sacrifices.

It's not just wrestling. Kids activities consume more family time than ever before. Hours on the weekend, multiple nights a week. Birthday parties. We're steadfast in allowing only 1 activity per season, and we madly hope that the boys will always choose the same activity. And Lucy when she's older. (Yes, wrestling is co-ed, although there aren't any girls currently participating).

There are things that are non-negotiable in our schedule. Family time. Sunday school. Holidays spent with extended family. Eating together nearly every night.

I worry for the challenges that face us to maintain the commitment we've made to each other.



Mrs. Chicken said...

We just got back from a Valentine's party at preschool - from 6 to 8 pm! School starts at 9 am tomorrow.

I dread the days when these activities are more and more frequent.

Meg said...

Makes me want to stomp my feet and whine: but it's not fair.

Anonymous said...

the cool thing about wrestling is when you get older
you'll get to travel!

i dated a wrestler in highschool