Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shut Up and Listen

I am never quiet. I awaken in the morning with exactly the amount of time needed to usher the kids to school. My computer is switched on before breakfast and off again at the very end of the day. During the day I play and read and cook and occasionally clean. I break frequently to check mail, read a blog, write a post. Never quietly. When It is time to settle down in the evening I watch tv and read until my lids are heavy.

It is one week into the Lenten season and I have been seeking silence. Stillness. It's about my faith and it's about all of my relationships. It's about embracing the quiet. It's about listening to what people are and are not saying. It's about giving people the silence to speak. It's about hearing.

Another of my Lenten pursuits is writing. Daily. Consciously. Carefully. I've abandoned Maine-ly Megin, focusing online calories on building up the parenting community at GNMParents. But now, I'll post here and see where it takes me.


Mrs. Chicken said...

Excellent. I love how you choose silence and writing as your Lenten pursuits. I was always of the mind that we should try to better ourselves during this season. As our priest once said, will giving up chocolate make you a better person? Something along those lines also serves selfish desires.

I like the idea of communicating well and listening, sharing gifts that God gave you to the best of your abilities.

I'm looking forward to your daily writing.

Meg said...

Giving up chocolate would make me the opposite of a better person. It would make me a crank.

Thanks for being here :)