Tuesday, August 08, 2006

11 days and Counting

Just Training:

Easy short swim mid-day.
Brick: 10 mile bike at 14 mph/ 1 mile run 13:14
My legs felt like lead the whole run and the calf pain was back (right side of my right leg just above my ankle). I had to stop a couple times to walk briskly.

Tomorrow: my 1st ever 5k


Miss Jenny said...

Good luck!!!!!

Wes said...

Sounds like you might want to figure out what that is. Ice it, get the healing started, then pick back up where you left off. Don't injure yourself...

Mia Goddess said...

Have fun tomorrow!

Iron Pol said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. To answer your questions:

1. It was 13.5, not 3.5. That was the funny part, I exceeded the race distance during training.

2. For swimming, I recommend Total Immersion Swimming. It was a huge help, for me.

3. In the "advice" department, I would say stick to it, find some people who can provide basic guidance, and have fun. I've only completed one sprint race, myself. And my goal for the race on Sunday is the same as yours. Finish. Well that and "Don't Drown."

Michelle said...

GOOD LUCK!!!You're going to have a BLAST. Rest your leg until the race!

Good job on the brick!