Saturday, August 12, 2006

I am such a baby.

I am not ready.


Chris said...

You are strong enough to not need to be ready. You've got power that will roll you over the worst humps. You've been training up your biking.

You're not going there to take the hill. You're going there to experience the day. It's a day. We will see your feet over that last line, because it can be done. Without fatality.

It is a single few hours of your life, and there are hours before it; there will be hours after it. It is a module in the Megin building kit.

Go bike ride. Tear down some of that anxiety with a little friendly suffering.

Michelle said...

You are ready! You ARE! Don't suck away your power and abilities with negative thinking! There is no doubt in my mind that you will cross that finish line, and you will grin when you are done. Who could ask for more?!

To answer your question: let me understand this... you got up at 5:30 even when you didn't have to work?????????? Yes, I'm a morning person. I'll be up at 5 am tomorrow, too, for a 5 mile run attempt. :)

Rose said...

You are ready, and this will get you even more prepared. You will be fine - I agree with Michelle - get some positive vibes going! :-)