Friday, August 25, 2006

So There are Athletes, and Then There Are....

Have you seen this? You must have.

This is such a beautiful story.

I apologize for ever bitching about my pace, my lack of _________ (confidence, skill, patience, clothes, drive, strength, blah, blah, blah.) I especially apologize for bitchin' about the Punks.

So, there is a saying around our house, "dead Dads aren't much fun." This is very true. However, Dads who rock the world like Dick Hoyt deserve to be read about. Maybe even more than once. Maybe even more than twice. Dick Hoyt and his son Rick inspire me.

Tell me about someone who really inspires you... Really, tell me. Please?

(Oh, and Rob- if you say me- you are so dead.)

I can't wait to run tomorrow.


Wes said...

I've read about Dick Hoyt. He is indeed a man of miracles. We all have our own set of challenges, fears, and demons. It is our spirit that lifts our bodies above these things.

I've personally found inspiration from a lot of bloggers: Iron Wil, Trisaratops, Back of the Pack, I could go on and on. And I won't say you, because you asked us not to, but you do, so there. Don't hit me....

Michelle said...

My dad inspires me. Not just with his running (and before that, basketball), but with his strong character. He is kind, courageous, loving, and honorable. I'm so lucky he's my father.

Michelle said...

No food? Even before a 10k? Not that you asked for it, but something I learned: well before your tri run through some possible eating strategies for a longer workout.

Yeah, I learned this at my 5k race. That race was actually the first time I'd run with food and liquid in my stomach -- hence the almost-hurl moment.

I am now trying to train myself (really my stomach) to run/bike/swim with SOMETHING in my tummy because if I want to do races, particularly longer ones, this will be necessary. This morning's 10k was done on one dry piece of toast and about 4 oz of water. Probably not enough, but it's a start.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

I had heard about Dick Hoyt, but I'd never read such a complete bio of how he came to push his son around in these incredible events.

That is one amazing pair.

My son's umbilical cord was around his neck when he was born, too, but they got him out in time. So I consider him to be a miracle, too, I am so grateful for him:-)

Inspiration, hmmm, yes, a lot of my newfound running bloggers come to mind. Some folks at work, my Mom & Dad, my special 4 yr old son who overcomes a lot as well...geez, I'm getting emotional...

Thanks for that post.