Monday, August 07, 2006

Check Out My Kid

My eldest has discovered the wonderful world of blogging. This is his creation, I only helped with the technical piece. He researched all of the information and decided what facts to include.

He is so smart and I am so proud of him.

Check out: Information About Stuff

Aidan is a HUGE fan of comments!

(you gotta love it).


Mojo said...

What to wear for a triathlon? I like a jog type bra and tri shorts.

My sister thinks her tummy is ugly from stretch marks because she had babies. She feels better wearing an entire suit. *See my Tri The Pee Dee Race Report* suit vs two piece.

It comes down to what you feel comfortable in. I store my Gu's in my jog bra.

Rose said...

Found you via Wes - I am so with on the "energy smoke"! So I was expecting to read some runner stuff, instead headed over to Information About Stuff. Aiden's site is great!

Wes said...

Looks like Aidan is off to a roaring start :-)