Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I am so sickened by the very idea of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. I get that 10% of sales opening weekend will go to WTC charities (Hello... 10 p.e.r.c.e.n.t. of one weekend). I get that it is supposed to be about heroism not terrorism. But it is about terrorism. Shit.

I see a clip from the news after the attacks and I am immediately brought back. Hell, I don't even need a clip- they are all burned forever in my mind. I just need to call it up, and I am back in front of the tv. I sucked up every speck of information as it was happening. I was obsessed. I can't believe it was 5 years ago. Everything changed. Who doesn't know someone who died? Who doesn't know someone who ran from the rubble? Who doesn't know someone who worked at ground zero? 6 degrees or less, I bet. I know people from each of those categories. I was aquainted with a family who flew on Flight 11. An uncle (in-law) ran. A dear friend was there day in and day out. Everyone knows someone.

So, a movie. A motion picture. I am not a fan of disaster movies in any form. All of the war movies? Not for me. Do they have their place? Yes. But this? It's too close. It's hard for me to believe that enough time will pass to gain "historical perspective." Freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah. They have every right to make this movie. I know I don't have to see it. I thank the modern technology that allows me to fast forward through the trailers. Is it just me? Will you see it?

I keep wondering: how do the survivors feel? How do the families of the victims feel? How do the people who worked in the morgues for months and months trying to identify pieces and parts feel? How do the folks who suffer from PTSD feel?

Isn't it too close?


Chris said...

Every time I go swimming (often), I think of JAWS. It scared the hell out of me.

9/11 scared the hell out of most people.

I don't know that it'd be cathartic to see someone's version of that experience, to me.

Mia Goddess said...

Have you read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? If you have not you should totally run to the store right now. I'll wait.

and...So cool that you stopped by my journal! As a woman of limited talents, I'm always happy to meet a sister who makes "gooey" food that gets "plopped" into the pan. :)

Wes said...

Whoever came up with this idea for a movie was a complete idiot. I don't live anywhere near New York. I don't know anyone that was affected by 9/11 in an up close and personal way. I just know that the pain I felt for months after that is something I would rather not be reminded of, cause I'm still mad as hell :-)

I hope the entire nation boycotts that movie.

Michelle said...

If the movie really is a testament to the incredible men and women who rushed INTO those buildings while everyone else rushed out, then I'm ok with it.

The two men that the movie is about are actually in the movie, too (in brief cameo roles). I like the fact that their story will be told. I hope the movie can live up to thier characters.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Hi, first time by your site, found you via Michelle.

You know what? I like movies that are so ridiculous they can't happen (at least not in my lifetime). Like Jurassic Park or Star Wars, Indiana Jones & even James Bond.

Silence of the Lambs? Too real. Can happen & does. Same with Jaws. Saw them once, can't ever see them again.

Flight 93 and WTC? I just cannot bring myself to watch, not even trailers. I still can't watch newsclips of that day.

I'm a Jersey girl near NYC. Saw the smoke from my town. My family works in NYC. Dad works downtown and will never, ever be the same.

I am with you. Too real, too close, too recent. Can't imagine what the families think.

21st Century Mom said...

My daughter and I were wondering the other day if Spain and England have TV special after book after movie about their terrorist bombings. It seems like we are pimping 9-11 for every cent it is worth. I'm sure the guys who are being celebrated in this movie appreciate it and I hope making the movie was cathartic for them but honestly - how much time do we need to spend cogitating on and reliving this event on film? It's almost like there is an unspoken imperative in Hollywood to make the most moving tribute to 9-11. Bad news for those folks, though Spike Lee already did in 25th Hour.