Monday, August 21, 2006

Event Snaps

Here are a couple snaps of the big event:

Here I am swimmin'. Yeah, right there. See me?

My orange butt exiting the water heading to the transition
area. I was running so, so, so fast it was hard to get a picture! ;)

And moments from the finish line. Notice how small the path is. Not entirely
inconceivable that one might run right past it. You can see that, right? Right?

So, not fabulous pictures. Rob apologized that he wasn't the best photographer. He was a little wrapped up in the moment. Chris got a lot of great video footage... which of course will require a ton of editing!

For those who are asking "what's next," maybe a 5k a week from Wednedsay. Then I am looking towards one last sprint this season, 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3.4 mile run on Sept. 23. I'm sticking with this distance and 5k races for the forseeable future. I also plan on looking into some training plans and find a realistic plan for moving forward not backwards during the winter. Considering how I hate the dreadmill, this will present a challenge.

What's next for you?


Michelle said...

Your orange butt looks strong! What a beautiful place to run a race!

Another Sprint in September, eh? You're hooked!

Wes said...

Yea, I see ya swimming. You're the one in the yellow hat, right? LOL. You're a great competitor, and finishing another tri must be a special treat for you. I guess its something I get to look forward to...

Rose said...

Your pix and commentary are priceless! I hope you have as much fun competing as I do reading about it. I can't swim worth a damn, so I will probably never do a tri, but I certainly admire those who can who do.