Sunday, July 30, 2006


I rode 12.2 miles and averaged 12.8 mph. Very slow compared to last week's 16 miles at 16.5 mph. It happens. I hope for a longer ride on Tuesday.

This week in training:

Sunday- 12 mile bike ride
Monday- 3 mile run (6 am)
Tuesday- 18 mile bike ride/ 15 minute swim
Wednesday- 3 mile run (6 am)/20 minute swim
Thursday- 10 mile bike ride
Friday- 3 mile run
Saturday- 18 mile bike ride

I'm terrified by the 6 am runs. Really frightened.


Michelle said...

What kind of bike do you have -- a road bike? I'm sure jealous of that 16.5 average! I'm on a hybrid so it's hard to get much speed going.

Good luck with those early morning runs, I'm sure you'll be fine. Maybe you'll even LIKE them! ;)

Miss Jenny said...

Sounds like you are making awesome progress. I know how it feels to be nearing the race date and feeling suddenly like there's no way you'll meet your goals. Fortunately, though, I know how it feels to be completely wrong and I'm sure you'll have the same experience!

Iron Pol said...

Thanks for stopping by and making a comment. I appreciate the positive feedback, too. Time's a bit limited, so I could only peek back through a few of the posts (such as the diaperless wonder a few posts back).

It sounds like you're being consisted with the training, which is key. And we all have those days were "actual" and "desired" training stats don't match. By finishing the training, you're way ahead of most.

I did read one post where you pondered finishing dead last in a race. I have done that, the result of a busted bike chain. The people at the finish were awesome, and finishing last was still a finish.

Keep up the great work, and the awesome posts.

Sherri said...

6:00 a.m.?? was it easier to do this morning than you thought? proably. it always seems to work out that way. have you been able to squeeze in any bricks lately? and this summer weather is NO JOKE! keep up the good work!

Flatman said...

Keep up your hard work...that bike average will shock you at how fast it goes up.

Nice blog :)