Monday, July 24, 2006

Products of Camp

Oh, my boys were taking some art classes last week. Art classes called "Petite Paint Party" and "Eric Carle Adventures" Look what my talented little twits made:

Aidan, 6

Clay, 4
Jackson Pollack, look out!

The poem reads: The Mean Dragon
A dragon, a greedy dragon
He was a big dragon
He got sick and then
He sneezed fire.
Aidan, 6

Clay, 4
Clay, that is one very fine seahorse a la Eric Carle

There are piles more of their artwork. We will be revamping the walls in our house to hold it all. They really had a great time and I definitely need to stock up on my watercolor supplies. It really made me want to paint again (she says as though she once had the ability to paint glorious sea scapes or life-like portraits... which she didn't). I like painting bright lively kids stuff. Quite a few years back I collected cigar boxes and painted them for my nieces. They were vibrant and fun and personalized. When can I do that? Hmmm...

This week Clay is taking Espanol 1,2,3 and Aidan is taking Myths of Long Ago, and they are both taking Crazy Constructions. FUN!


runr53 said...

Welcome to the RBF! Artwork by kids = Awesome! Are you anywhere near Brunswick? I spent 2 years there back in the early 70s in the Navy, very nice state!

Chris said...

Wow... that's just gorgeous! Your kids are doing just as good at camp as they did on the basement wall. It's great to seem them branching out in their choice of canvas.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hi Megin!

Just wanted to pop in and say hey from the RBF. So, uh, hey! :)

AmyEllen16 said...

What great artwork!! I love the new look on your website.