Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lucy turns 2

A Sentimental Mother's Moment:

My baby turned 2 today. I love 2. Lucy is a delightful creature with the most amazing sense of humor. She makes me laugh. My eldest refered to her all day today as "birthday girl." "Bun-Bun" my middle one, tried to hug her to death about a gazillion times.

I am constantly amazed by how each baby comes into the family and so easily finds his/her place, while creating an entirely new place, an entirely new family. Beautiful.

I love that my children have each other. I am so lucky to see the private demonstrations of love. Those moments make the velociraptor-like screeches worth it. Really worth it.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy. She is certainly a treasure, as are all your children.

I feel blessed to have been there.

AmyEllen16 said...

She is beautiful!! I feel so lucky to be her aunt. I love her personality, her love of life and her strong will. My wish for her is to have her keep her innosence, love of life and her strong will. Happy Birthday to Lucy.