Saturday, July 15, 2006

Food For Thought, My Friends

I really like lobster. Lobster rolls, lobster stew, steamed lobster. YUM. Definitely on my top 10 list of foods that I love. Apparently, strange things occur in the waters of Maine.

What do you suppose this guy would look like when you cooked him? How completely bizarre is that stripe down his back? He must be photoshopped.

Hmmm, what else would I put on my top 10 list? Here are todays top 12 (I just couldn't eliminate any):

In no particular order:

1. roasted zucchini
2. hot fudge
3. hot, salty, greasy pizza
4. fresh baked bread
5. avacados
6. apples in October
7. Lobster
8. warm brownies a la mode
9. sweet potatoes
10. the most decadent of chocolate desserts
11. baked brie
12. red, red wine (shut up, it's my list)

Food, yum. I really, really love food. Tomorrow's list would be totally different. Except maybe for #10. What's the 1 food on your list that wouldn't change?

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