Sunday, July 23, 2006


First off: I registered for the Wildbear today. Done.

In other headline news I also did a 16 mile kick-butt bike ride today. It took 58 minutes and it wasn't completely flat. I pushed through some hills.

As soon as I got off the bike I shuffled my legs of lead down the street. I can't consider it a brick workout as I only shuffled a little more than .1 mile. It was a taste, and if I am being completely honest, it tasted kind of like liver and onions rolled in dirt. That transition is definitely going to be the biggest challenge at the Wildbear. I need to seek out some more information on training for that.

This week's schedule:

Sunday- 16 mile bike
Monday- 3 mile walk/run
Tuesday- 10 mile bike (with Lucy) followed by run
Wednesday- 3 mile walk/run
Thursday- 8 mile bike (with Lucy) followed by run
Friday- rest/walk day
Saturday- long bike or run

Oh and eating? I'm tracking. I'm on plan all week. I even have some recipes and meal ideas to post about. All excitement, all the time here at Maine-ly Megin.


Chris said...

Congratulations for registering and getting on board with that. Have I already forced you to check out Mark's blog. Be sure to click the Running Blog Family link and add your blog to the list. (Let me know when you do that).

I'm really excited for you and your progress.

Oh, and I ran today. : )

Blaine Moore said...

Welcome to Maine.

I saw your link over at Mark's blog.