Thursday, July 13, 2006


37 days until the Wildbear. Past time to get serious about training. I am going to attempt to lay out a weekly training plan and check in regularly.

Saturday- run/walk 3 miles
Sunday- Bike Ride
Monday- run/walk 3 miles
Tuesday- Bike ride
Wednesday- run/walk 3 miles
Thursday- Bike ride
Friday- run/walk 3 miles

I am really going to focus on hitting 2 miles straight running. For this week, the biking is really just to get used to it. I won't set a milage for those days. I do have a bike seat for Lucy now, so managing to fit that in should be easy with the boys at camp.

I was in anxiety mode at bedtime last night and I tossed and turned just thinking about how poorly I've been doing. It's not only the lack of training, but also the lack of willpower. My choices about what I eat have been fine but my portions have been off. Today.

I really want to win the Wildbear. Ha. I really want to finish the Wildbear without throwing up. I want to run the run. Can I increase the amount that I run (without a walk break) by 250% in 14 days? I'm not pretending that the minute I can do that I will be ready to do it after swimming and biking. I need time for some bricks.

Thinking about doing a sprint tri? BeginnerTriathlete has some handy information.

It really is now or, well, you know. Wish me luck, folks!

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Chris said...

What a really great post, and thanks for pointing us to the link on how to begin a triathlon. That's always really useful.

You might consider linking into the RBF, the Running Blogs Forum. And yes, you're worthy.

Check out and look for the links. Mark's a friend.